Analytical Systems

CO2 AirBreather Systems

state-of-the art, continuous CO2 analysis

O2 AirBreather Systems

state-of-the art, continuous O2 analysis

Portable Systems


Semiconductor O2 Cart

Semiconductor CO2 Cart

Semiconductor Hydrogen and Inerts Cart

Portable analytical systems that simplifies sample collection and testing at your facility.

Atmospheric Monitoring Cart 

Tests the ambient air in your production facility, so you can maintain air purity
for your products and workspace.

Fixed Systems

Custom task-specific systems
engineered and manufactured 
to work 
seamlessly within your manufacturing  facility.


Data Pipelines


Total Information Data Environment

ASTG provided monitoring of your systems


Web Information Datapoint Service


Allows our clients to monitor systems in real-time providing convenient access for quality assurance


Portable Laboratories

Portable Labs

Self-contained supplemental lab
or stand-alone processing units

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Testing Kits



Take safe,repeatable samples
from any high-pressure liquid
and gaseous oxygen source


a gas-based, portable system
that analyzes high-pressure
and cryogenic liquid samples
for O
2 concentration.


a portable, non-hazardous solution
to carbon dioxide sampling.

portable, nonhazardous solution

to liquefy cryogenic sampling

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